Water Damage Restoration, Water Restoration in Cedar Park, Round Rock and Nearby Cities

Mold removal service in Georgetown and Leander, TX

All Pro Restoration are disaster recovery experts and can help you with water damage restoration in Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown TX or Round Rock. Water damage can arise from a variety of sources including domestic issues as well as natural flooding.

Water damage from a flood will likely be extensive. When you suffer flood damage you need help and you need it fast. All Pro provides rapid response 24/7 365 days a year. Even water damage from smaller issues such as leaks and burst pipes can cause damage and attract mold.

The first step in water damage restoration is to call experts such as All Pro Restoration. They use high powered pumps and related equipment extract and remove water. Once the water has been removed everything needs to be dried and sanitized. The disaster recovery technicians will use air movers and de-humidifiers to dry surfaces and affected areas. They will also help with the salvaging of damaged items and equipment. Where there is water damage there is likely to be mold. The team from All Pro also provides mold remediation services.

If you have suffered property damage the team from All Pro will perform the required rebuilding and construction work. Their technicians are well trained and experienced in interior and exterior home construction, so you can rely on them for remodeling and renovations, drywall work, flooring, roofing, siding, fencing, and painting as well. They also deal with professional sub-contractors such as electricians and plumbers. They will restore your property to pre-disaster state in the quickest possible time.

Another important area when it comes to water damage restoration is insurance. Water damage restoration is an expensive process and you will need all money you can get from your insurance company. The team from All Pro will help you with that.