Water Damage Restoration in Georgetown, Round Rock, Austin, and all the Surrounding Areas

All Pro Restoration can help you with water damage restoration in Austin, Cedar Park, Georgetown TX, Leander TX or Round Rock. They are a disaster recovery company and they have extensive experience and advanced capabilities when it comes to water removal, cleanup and restoration. They use cutting edge equipment to deal with water damage. They also have expertise in structural work, drywall work, roofing, flooring, siding, fencing, painting and more.  

Water Damage Restoration in Georgetown, Round Rock, Austin

Water damage begins with a site inspection and a plan of action. If your property is compromised in terms of safety, they will deal with that first. They can implement structural supports, erect temporary fencing, install roof tarps and board up. They will ensure electricity and gas supplies are shut off. Once your property is safe and secure, they can commence with the important tasks of remediation and renovation.  

The next step in water damage restoration involves water extraction and removal. Their cleaning crews use high powered pumps and vacuums to extras excess water. Once the water is removed everything is dried and sanitized. Valuable items are packed out and catalogued. They might even be able to salvage damaged items. If there is mold, they will deal with that as well. They are experts at mold removal and remediation. 

The next step in water damage restoration will be repair and renovation work. They will rebuild broken structurers, replace broken windows, repair flooring and so on. They will repaint and renovate affected areas. Their mission and commitment is to restore your home or building to pre-disaster state. 

Water damage restoration can be expensive, and they will help you with insurance claims and issues. Most property owners have little experience in dealing with insurance claims. The management at All Pro will file your claims properly and will deal directly with your insurance company