Georgetown, TX Disaster Recovery, Water Damage Restoration with Water Removal, Smoke Damage, Flood Damage, and Mold Removal Services

All Pro Restoration is the leading company for water removal and water damage restoration in Georgetown, Texas. We have been setting the standard for excellence for the last two decades, and we carefully protect the reputation that we have established. When you provide flood damage services, you are stepping up to the plate for people that are in difficult situations, and we take a lot of pride in the work that we do for our neighbors in this area.

This city holds a very special place in Williamson County as the County Seat. It is well known as a center of higher education, because it is the home of Southwestern University, which has the distinction of being the longest standing college in the Lone Star State. The town is a historic municipality, and there are many sites of interest, including Berry Springs Park, Inner Space Cavern, and House Theater, just to name a few.

It is a great place to live, but flood damage can strike at any time. We provide water removal and water damage restoration services in all parts of Georgetown, Texas, from City Center to Sun City, and we never sleep. That’s right, we are available to respond to emergency water removal and water damage calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Fire Restoration and Smoke Damage Services

Our company is a comprehensive disaster recovery resource, so we also provide fire restoration and smoke damage services around-the-clock. The professional technicians that are part of our team are highly trained, experienced professionals that get the job done right the first time, every time. Plus, if there is structural damage to your home because of a fire or any other type of event, we offer home construction services as well.

Mold Removal in Georgetown, Texas

In cases where water removal and water restoration are necessary, there can often be mold present. This fungus can degrade structural components of your home, and breathing mold spores can be extremely unhealthy. The good news is that we have extraordinary mold removal capabilities, so we can detect any growth that may be present and remediate the problem in a safe, environmentally friendly manner.

We Will Always Be Here to Help!

If you ever need mold removal, fire restoration, and smoke damage services, or water removal and water damage restoration in Georgetown, Texas, call All Pro Restoration at 512-252-4722.